A Container of Memories

This cabinet was made in response to a design brief composed by Rodney Hayward for the 2010 exhibtion “A Container of Memories”. It was designed to house objects of personal significance, as these objects so often end up buried and separate from our daily lives. This cabinet brings them to the fore – but not publicly - they remain personal. There is an element of exploration/interaction in the cabinet’s use which emphasises this sense of protection.

When an object is crafted, it is ascribed with the sensibilities and experience of the maker. In this sense, my container of memory has two lives: it is both a portrait of its creator, and through the objects it will house, a portrait of whomever uses it. The fundamental difference is that the former describes a moment in my life (as the creator), while the latter evolves, and becomes more biographical.

American Black Walnut, Blackapple, Huon Pine, Multiflex Bending Plywood, plywood, brass, bearing system

1395h x 578w x 295d mm

Photo credit Stuart Hay