Inter se

The chair, Inter se, is the synthesis of the naturalistic forms in Chinese furniture and Western ways of thinking. It is a chair that sits in neither culture. However, it was from the physical elements of a Chinese chair that I took my point of departure and wove about, and through it, my understanding of the function and making of a chair.

Inter se reverses the idea of the continuous arm that is characteristic of a number of Chinese chairs – the continuous curve now travels below the seat. The rattan cane weaving (which constructs the seating surfaces) is reminiscent of octagonal-based Chinese window lattice designs. The use of cane ascribes to the overarching theme of naturalistic forms – derived from the spiritual value placed on de novo organic forms by the Chinese.

Somewhere between these spaces, there falls a point of intersection – a place that is neither part of both. The name, ‘Inter se’, is a Latin phrase meaning “between or amongst themselves”, and refers to this point.

Rock Maple, rattan cane, fibreglass sheet

830h x 450w x 560d mm

Photo credit Stuart Hay


2010 Young Arts Award
Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Canberra.

1st place category ‘furniture & box-making’ + best in show
Putting Timbers on Show in NSW Competition 2011,
Timber and working with Wood Show.