Collection of Prototypes

Radiata Pine, nylon, aluminium, vinyl, PVC, Plasticine, foam, fibreglass fabric

Dimensions variable

Photo credit Charlie White

“Machines For Thinking” describes the resulting products of a year-long investigation into contemporary craft practice. Through practice-led research, the project aimed to investigate the interrelationship of form and function in the crafted object – weaving together structure and form as defined by the constraints of the material, of my practice and of a chair. This is the interrelationship between theory and practice, hand and machine, and society and self.

These relationships manifest as a series of chair prototypes, synthesising timber craft with small scale manufacturing and fabrication methods. Over twenty chairs were carved, bent, woven, printed, upholstered and cast.

The outcome of this investigation was the creation of relational objects; relating one to another and to my ideas of the qualities of a chair and craft. Initially, my practice focused singularly on the creation of useful and beautiful objects. As my work developed, these objects became forms of enquiry – the enactment of their making and evolution had seemingly become entangled in a parallel relationship: to work on an object, one of whose primary function was to reflect upon its own becoming…